Fuck u/spez

Reddit (the nice parts) was my favourite “new” place on the internet for a long time. But take old.reddit.com and my beloved Apollo away and you take away both the point and the pleasure.

Considering that neither old.reddit nor RSS will be allowed to hang around should Reddit survive this kerfuffle in a reasonable fashion, and the manner in which this played out, I’m taking my toys and moving to kbin.

Evil, greedy fuckers all the way down. So, fuck Reddit in general, and fuck u/spez in particular.

Mastodon App Flavour of the Month

I moved away from Toot! for Mastodon to Ice Cubes for Mastodon, and was very happy with it, especially as the updates kept rolling it. However, I subscribed to Ivory for Mastodon once it was available on the iOS App Store, and it’s very good and felt so comfortable to use as a former Tweetbot user.

Yet I kept flipping between Ivory and Ice Cubes as both apps almost had every thing I want but each had their own delightful touches I appreciated which wasn’t present in the other.

Recently I tried out Mona for Mastodon, and it very quickly became my go-to app on iOS. It has everything I want and need, is very customisable, and you can buy it, no subscription needed. I love it, and so far the only thing I’m not a fan of is sometimes needing to press a Load more posts button. I can happily live with that.

Weekly Links 23-01



  • Linkjar – MacOS app to “Save interesting stuff and read it offline”.
  • Confectionery – MacOS app to “Take delicious screenshots of your websites”.
  • Amazing AI – Apple silicon MacOS app to make AI generated images locally.
  • DiffusionBee – MacOS app to make AI generated images locally.


  • Toot! – After development on Metatext paused, Toot! is the iOS Mastodon app I’m using while I wait for Ivory.