Mastodon App Flavour of the Month

I moved away from Toot! for Mastodon to Ice Cubes for Mastodon, and was very happy with it, especially as the updates kept rolling it. However, I subscribed to Ivory for Mastodon once it was available on the iOS App Store, and it’s very good and felt so comfortable to use as a former Tweetbot user.

Yet I kept flipping between Ivory and Ice Cubes as both apps almost had every thing I want but each had their own delightful touches I appreciated which wasn’t present in the other.

Recently I tried out Mona for Mastodon, and it very quickly became my go-to app on iOS. It has everything I want and need, is very customisable, and you can buy it, no subscription needed. I love it, and so far the only thing I’m not a fan of is sometimes needing to press a Load more posts button. I can happily live with that.